What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

In our continuous effort to provide the best in orthodontic treatment, we are proud to offer Propel™ — a line of advanced orthodontic devices that work with your braces or aligners for the fastest results! Propel naturally assists your body to ease more difficult movements and keep your treatment on track, or better yet, ahead of schedule!

Accelerated Orthodontics

Benefits Of Accelerated Orthodontics

With traditional braces, patients may have to receive orthodontic treatment anywhere from two to four years. However, with our accelerated orthodontic treatment, it is possible for patients to cut their treatment time down to under a year! In fact, depending on how much work your smile needs, treatments can take as little time as a handful of months! Long term, this can save you from the prolonged discomfort and limiting maintenance that braces alone require. 

What To Expect From Accelerated Orthodontics

In order to aid your body, accelerated orthodontics requires a minor surgical procedure. We perform this in the comfort of our office, typically under local anesthesia. Discomfort during the procedure is similar to a dental cleaning and you’ll be able to return to normal activities immediately afterward. The procedure allows us to slightly alter your gum and bones, helping teeth to slide into their proper position faster.

During the remainder of your accelerated orthodontic treatment, you may experience mild itching in your gums. This is an indication that the treatment is working and that your teeth are moving at an accelerated pace. Once treatment is completed, everything should return back to normal and you’ll be left with a stunning new smile!

Who Qualifies For Accelerated Orthodontics?

If you want to skip over the long-term hassle of braces, but still want the amazing results, accelerated orthodontics can be the perfect solution. Almost anyone is a good candidate for accelerated braces as long as they have healthy gums and bones. To ensure that this treatment is right for you, Dr. Mullally or Dr. Olsen will perform a comprehensive dental exam complete with x-rays to get a deeper look at your bone structure. Once we’ve determined that this is the right option for you, we use the Excellerator™ Series to complete your Propel treatment in a matter of minutes!

Accelerated Orthodontics & Invisalign®

Want to skip braces altogether but still experience the benefits of accelerated orthodontics? We also offer Propel's painless vibration technology with VPro5™. Used for just 5 minutes per day in the comfort of your own home, the VPro5™ stimulates blood flow to the gums, helping to ensure that your Invisalign® or other clear aligners are fully seated. Improperly seated aligners can slow treatment, forcing patients to backtrack to previous trays. In addition to prolonging treatment, consequences of incomplete aligner seating can result in unnecessary treatment. 

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Propel Products
Propel Products