5 Braces Myths Debunked

For as long as braces have been around, they’ve been the subject of popular myths. And while some rumors are outlandish and comical, the misinformation they present make it harder for patients to separate fact from fiction while contemplating orthodontics treatments. As specialists in all things braces, the Gainesville orthodontists at Studio32 Orthodontics have fact-checked a few of the most common, frightening, and downright bizarre braces myths to give our patients the whole truth about braces.

1. You Won’t Set Off The Metal Detector

Going through airport security checkpoints is already stressful, and throwing in the risk that your braces could trigger the metal detector surely doesn’t help matters. But here’s the deal: that’s a myth. In fact, the amount of metal in braces is small enough to pass through most metal detectors without incident. So stop worrying about your teeth and focus instead on transferring your shampoo and conditioner into those tiny travel bottles.

2. Braces Don’t Pick Up Radio Stations

If you’re worried about your braces picking up random AM/FM radio signals, don’t worry, because this is a myth. While the wires in some braces can resemble antennas (although, even that’s a bit of a stretch), the materials are not the same as those that transmit radio waves. In other words, the only way your mouth will project the golden oldies or ’90s pop songs is if you sing them.

3. You Can Play A Musical Instrument

Orthodontists are fans of music like anybody else. Unfortunately, instead of sweet melodies, what they often hear from musicians are concerns about braces hindering their abilities to play instruments. While guitarists and violin players usually don’t fret, players of brass or woodwind instruments, such as trumpets and saxophones, sometimes believe getting braces will prevent them from playing or progressing. But this claim is out of tune with reality. The facts are that braces do not interfere with playing instruments, although recent adjustments to traditional braces can cause temporary discomfort.

4. You Can Participate In All Sports

Just because you decide to wear braces doesn’t mean you have to retire your game jersey, even if you play a contact sport like football. A protective mouthguard fits over metal or ceramic braces just the same as it fits the mouth of someone who doesn’t wear orthodontics. And if you have a clear aligner, such as Invisalign, you only need to remove your orthodontics during periods of play. And just imagine how nice and straight your teeth will look when you smile for the papers holding up that championship trophy.

5. Braces Aren’t Just For Kids & Teens

Some people who would benefit from braces go until adulthood without having them. There’s a myth which says these patients are too old for braces, which are intended for kids and teens. We’d say the author of that myth hasn’t yet reached the age of wisdom. Orthodontics work for everyone regardless of age. In fact, many people who wear braces in Gainesville are college-age or older, including parents and professionals who were too busy earlier in life with raising kids or building their careers to worry about braces but now are eager to receive the benefits. And if you’re worried about how you’d look with braces for adults, remember there are low-key options, from clear ceramic braces to removable aligners.

Studio32 Orthodontics is debunking myths about braces because when you get past the noise, the signal is actually quite clear: braces are a cost-effective and hassle-free orthodontics option. Yet there are more than just the above five rumors swirling about school hallways, office water coolers, and of course the Internet. If you hear one we haven’t yet addressed, feel free to reach out to us. If you’ve decided you need braces, call us to schedule an orthodontic appointment.