Halloween Candy Guide: Eating Candy With Braces

Having braces around Halloween may feel like a trick, but it can turn out to be a treat as there are still a lot of candies you can enjoy. While certain sweet treats such as gummies and caramel are off-limits to anyone with braces (Invisalign braces included), others such as chocolate and cookies are a Halloween dream. Dr. Mullally, Gainesville orthodontist, shares tips to help you have a spooktacular time this Halloween while wearing braces!

Orthodontist-Approved Halloween Treats

One of the best parts of Halloween is enjoying all the candy collected around your neighborhood during trick-or-treating with your friends. While many people think Halloween is off-limits for ghosts and ghouls with braces, Studio32 Orthodontics makes having fun this Halloween easy with this list of holiday treats that won’t harm your braces.

Our orthodontist-approved halloween treats include:

  • Sliced apples
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut butter
  • Mint candies
  • Cookies
  • Baked pumpkin seeds

Halloween Candy to Avoid With Braces

While there are many treats to dig into this Hallows Eve, those with braces should avoid these bad-to-the-bone, sticky, sweet treats:

  • Popcorn
  • Chewy candy
  • Hard candy
  • M&M’s
  • Skittles
  • Sticky candy

Wearing Braces During Halloween

Most types of food don’t have to be off-limits when you have braces during fun holidays. With a little care, you can discover new and safe ways to enjoy them. If you want to know whether a specific food is OK to eat, call Dr. Mullaly to answer your Gainesville orthodontics questions before you dig in!  

Having braces doesn’t have to be torturous this Halloween. Make your braces the highlight of Hallows Eve by planning ahead of time and decorating them to make your costume as spooky as ever!

Trade Halloween Candy With Friends

After digging through your treasure trove of Halloween treats, you may spot some treats that aren’t suitable to eat while wearing braces. Instead of throwing them away, trade with friends or siblings for some of their braces-approved treats. That way, the candy you can’t eat won’t go to waste, and you can enjoy more braces-approved foods.

Take Tools With You

Remember that it’s not all a bunch of hocus pocus — having braces in Gainesville around Halloween can lead to a spooktacular time. Going trick-or-treating? Think of your bag as the perfect holder for anything you may need. A package of travel floss can easily fit inside a candy tote, and this way you can eat treats and brace yourself for any spooky surprises. Planning on eating a lot of treats and avoiding the tricks? Throw a portable toothbrush in your candy bag. Not only will you be prepared, you’ll be able to take fewer breaks between houses and parties.

A great way to enjoy Halloween with braces is to pre-pack your trick-or-treat bag with a few sweets that are safe to dig into. Have a few apples pre-sliced in bags or even some chocolate chip cookies handy, and you’ll forget about any of other snacks.

Make Your Braces Part Of The Costume

Before you start on your haunted adventure, meet with your orthodontist to come up with a game plan. Depending on your braces, wires, or brackets, extra caution might be necessary.

For your ghoulish get-up, you can use brackets and wires to your advantage and add a pop of sparkle to any costume. Tight facial masks that cover your mouth should be avoided as they can catch onto your braces and lead to a monster of a headache. If possible, you can match your rubber band color to your costume or even just orange and black. Ask your local Gainesville orthodontist for tips on Halloween costumes, too, and they probably have some extra floss sticks to jumpstart your All Hallows Eve preparations.

Having braces during Halloween can feel like a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be a terror. Orthodontists in Gainesville, FL, such as those at Studio32 Orthodontics are happy to help prepare, inform, and assist with any scary stories that may arise around Halloween. Dr. Mullally, works with each patient to create a treatment plan for each patient and is always happy to answer any questions or concerns, including what foods should and shouldn’t be eaten during the holidays. Contact us today!