Give Thanks For Good Oral Health

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks with friends and family. At Studio32 Orthodontics, we give thanks for many reasons each year — including plenty of leftover sweet potato casserole — but this year we’re thankful for good oral health. If this sounds like an odd thing to be thankful for, here are five reasons to give thanks for braces and good oral health this year!

Better Nutrition

When your jaws and teeth are properly aligned with braces in Gainesville, the negative effects associated with uneven grinding and wearing of the teeth is of no concern. Known as a bad bite, though Dr. Mullally calls it malocclusion, this condition affects the ability to bite and chew. Inadequate chewing can cause digestion issues and malnutrition, both of which affect your body’s ability to nurture itself and fight infections. For children and teenagers, nutrition is critical to their growing bodies. Orthodontics can improve the ability to eat and foster better nutrition.

Lower Risk Of Gum Disease

Gainesville orthodontist, Dr. Mullally, at Studio32 Orthodontics knows that sometimes life gets busy and you forget to brush and floss once in a while. But forgetting proper oral care even once in a while can lead to the development bacterial growth and plaque deposits. The stronger your immune system is, the more likely your body will be able to defend against bacteria-related oral issues, such as gum disease. Good oral health means a lower risk of gum disease and other bacterial infections, so you can be thankful for all-around improved health!

Improved Overall Health

There’s a growing body of medical evidence linking oral health with many chronic conditions and diseases, including heart disease. More than 100 medical conditions can be revealed through oral symptoms, such as bleeding gums and chronic dry mouth. But when Gainesville orthodontics improve your oral health, you’ll give thanks for better overall health. This is primarily attributed to the presence of less bad bacteria in the mouth thanks to more effective and routine brushing and flossing.

Heightened Self-Confidence

Feeling healthy encompasses both physical and psychological well-being. Many people are thankful for their braces or Invisalign in Gainesville because the time spent receiving treatment ultimately results in the smile of their dreams. Children and adults can be self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth and may refuse to smile for fear of embarrassment. But as orthodontia treatment progresses, many patients find that their self-confidence steadily increases.

Less Risk Of Dental Injury

When teeth move into proper alignment, the likelihood that a dental injury during sports and physical activities will occur decreases. Teeth that protrude with misalignment are susceptible to becoming broken or chipped. An orthodontist in Gainesville, FL, such as Dr. Mullally at Studio32 Orthodontics, can help reduce your risk of dental injury.

At Studio32 Orthodontics, we’re thankful for every one of our patients. We love our job for many reasons, but watching our patients enjoy a lifetime of good oral health is at the top of the list! To schedule a consultation, contact Studio32 Orthodontics today!