How Braces Can Boost Your Confidence

When it comes to oral health and a visually appealing smile, the importance of orthodontics cannot be overstated. Crooked teeth, a poorly aligned bite, and numerous different oral health issues can take a significant toll on your self-esteem. In some cases, teeth-alignment issues can affect speech, making communication difficult or stressful. Correcting teeth-and-jaw alignment issues with braces can boost self-confidence by creating a straight and even smile, facilitating positive oral health, reducing the risk of tooth damage, and making it easier for a great first impression on others.

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Make A Great First Impression

Whether you're a kid ready for your next school year, a teenager excited to make new friends, or an adult interviewing for a new job, braces can help you make a great first impression. Teeth-alignment issues, bite problems, and jaw issues can make it difficult to feel confident around others, but with orthodontic treatment, you'll be on your way to achieving the smile you've always wanted. In our experience, having braces signals to others that we prioritize our oral health. What's more, with the wide range of available braces types, including braces for teens, braces for kids, and braces for adults, you're sure to find the ideal treatment for your needs. Studio32 Orthodontics also offers alternative braces options, such as Invisalign®, to those eligible for them, making your experience with orthodontics even better.

Improve Your Oral Health

If you're wondering what to expect with braces, you might take comfort knowing your orthodontic treatment will change the positions of your teeth and jaw for the better. Braces can make performing simple daily tasks like chewing, biting, and talking much easier. In addition, orthodontic treatment can boost self-esteem through improved oral health and prevent significant oral health issues, such as bone loss, tooth decay, gum disease, digestive problems, and even sleep apnea. After all, a healthier smile means a happier smile. What's more, teeth straightening with braces can also make it easier to achieve a bright, clean smile. Straighter teeth simplifies oral hygiene routines by making it easier to get around the gums and in between each tooth, effectively giving your mouth a proper clean each time you brush and floss.

Fix A Crooked Smile

For many patients, the primary goal of teeth straightening with braces is obtaining a straight, aligned smile over time. Though it takes some time for patients to complete their full orthodontic treatment, once the braces come off, they are left with the accomplishment of a straighter smile. At the finish line of their orthodontic journey, our patients often tell us they feel more confident and happier with their new smile. Fixing a crooked smile could be the reason you smile more frequently, speak up more often, and laugh without hesitation. These effects can be life-changing and might introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities you might not have otherwise known.

Chew Food Easier

Food is a significant part of all of our lives. We celebrate holidays, special occasions, and accomplishments with delicious dishes and favorite meals. We travel to other places and experience new cuisines, and we find new favorite foods along the way. Individuals with misaligned teeth or a problematic bite, eating many types of different foods can be an awkward, difficult, uncomfortable, or even painful experience. Just as orthodontic treatment can improve the aesthetics of your smile, it can also improve the overall function of your mouth, boosting your self-esteem in the process. In addition, teeth straightening can help patients improve their abilities to speak, chew, and bite, all of which are fundamental to our daily lives and can make us more likely to want to enjoy greater amounts of time around others.

Reduce Tooth Damage

Teeth that don't align properly have a greater risk of becoming damaged than those in proper alignment. Crooked, poorly aligned teeth can easily become cracked, broken, chipped, or knocked out, creating significant issues both for oral health as well as reduced self-confidence. With braces, however, your chance of experiencing damaged, chipped, cracked, or broken teeth is significantly reduced, as straighter teeth and a properly aligned smile facilitates less tension and a lower risk of friction between the teeth. In addition to the confidence that comes with earning a gorgeous, straight smile with braces, patients can also look forward to maintaining that confidence due to the lower risk of tooth damage in the future.