While you always want to select your healthcare providers carefully, it’s especially important to choose the right orthodontist in Gainesville, FL. Orthodontics treatment is often a long-term commitment. While the results of orthodontics, including a beautiful smile and continued oral health, are worth that commitment, the length of treatment also means you want to find an orthodontist whom you trust and will enjoy returning to see. As one of the premier orthodontists in the Gainesville area, Studio 32 Orthodontics has advice on how to choose the right orthodontist for you and your family.

Finding Orthodontists in Gainesville

Recommendations are the strongest endorsement for an orthodontics office. Friends or acquaintances who’ve received Gainesville orthodontics treatment can be great resources. Ask them if they were satisfied with the work their orthodontists performed. Also, if you have a regular dentist you trust, ask him or her to recommend some local orthodontists.

Starting Orthodontics Young

While the benefits of orthodontics treatment apply to everyone, and even adults wear braces, it’s better to start early when you can. Since a child’s face and jaw are still growing, an orthodontic appliance like braces can be especially effective. That’s why parents are encouraged to take their child for a consultation at the first sign of an orthodontics issue. Even with no visible issues, seeing a Gainesville orthodontist at least once by age 7 can ensure your son or daughter will have a first-class smile for a lifetime.

Selecting the Right Orthodontist

After you’ve decided it’s time to find an orthodontist, and you’ve compiled a list of orthodontists in Gainesville, the next step is to choose one who you believe is the right fit for you or your family.

Background Research

To ensure your orthodontist is experienced, you can start by verifying that he or she is a full-time orthodontist and not a dentist who performs occasional orthodontics work. The next step would be to look at reviews from previous patients. If an orthodontist receives feedback that is consistent and positive, you can expect the same results. Also, the website of an orthodontics office can tell you useful information, such as the history of the office, which treatments and products it offers, and the educational background and training of your orthodontist. Confirming that the office of a local orthodontist is indeed near your home is also important to avoid traveling long distances for follow-up appointments. Lastly, the website for your insurance company can inform you of the treatments from an orthodontist that are covered by your plan.

Face-to-Face Consultation

Once you’ve decided on an orthodontist, schedule a face-to-face consultation in his or her office. It’s here that you’ll get a feel for the professional demeanor and personality of the orthodontist and whether you or your children would want to visit regularly. While in the office, you can also get a more definitive idea about what treatment options that orthodontist recommends for you, what the cost will be, and whether insurance covers treatments. Considering the commitment of orthodontics work, it’s not unreasonable to schedule more than one consultation if you feel it’s necessary.

Local Orthodontists in Gainesville, FL

Patients of all ages come to Studio 32 Orthodontics looking to achieve the smile of their dreams. Many come to us based on referrals from friends or dentists, while others read the reviews of our previous patients and see that we’re known for providing consistent treatments with good results. Still some patients go to our website and realize that we offer many types of braces in Gainesville, and that we can outfit them with the orthodontic appliance that fits their condition, their personal preferences, and their budget. If you’re just starting your search for an orthodontist, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation so you can get answers to your important questions.