Achieving a healthy smile with Invisalign® takes time. So what do you do when an Invisalign® emergency strikes? First, don’t worry. A cracked, broken, or lost tray isn’t really an emergency — although it may feel like one. Second, call your orthodontist in Gainesville, FL, and the team at Studio32 Orthodontics. We’ll let you know how to get through the emergency while waiting for a replacement tray. Contact our orthodontic clinic today to schedule an appointment.

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Lost Invisalign® Tray

You'd be surprised how quickly an Invisalign® tray can become misplaced. If you lose an Invisalign® aligner, wear the previous set of trays to prevent your teeth from reverting back to their initial position, and promptly contact your orthodontist for information about what to do next.

Invisalign Emergencies In Gainesville, FL

As with cases involving broken and cracked aligners, patients who lose their Invisalign® trays may either be required to use the previous tray or move ahead to the next tray in the Invisalign® process. It typically takes two weeks to reorder and receive new trays. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and for more information about Invisalign® braces.

Cracked Invisalign® Tray

Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made for each patient using durable SmartTrack® material. However, clear aligners are not indestructible. If an aligner tray becomes cracked during use, be sure to use extra caution both while removing the tray out from and while reinserting the aligner into your mouth. Unless the Invisalign® tray has split into multiple pieces, patients may use their cracked aligner until it is time to switch trays. When patients contact us regarding a cracked tray, our Invisalign® orthodontist may either suggest using the next tray in the treatment plan if the crack occurred at least eight days into the tray cycle. Otherwise, patients may be able to use the previous tray in order to maintain progress in the treatment plan.

Broken Invisalign® Tray

While cracked Invisalign® trays may typically be worn to ensure timely progress with teeth alignment, broken aligners should not be worn. The first thing to remember if you have a broken Invisalign® tray is not to use superglue, household glue, or a non-toxic glue stick to attempt to reconstruct the tray, as the vast majority of adhesive glue products are toxic and should not be used on orthodontic appliances. In the case that an aligner breaks, contact our office for prompt assistance. It’s likely that our orthodontist will recommend that patients wear the previous tray or proceed with the next tray in the treatment cycle in order to maintain progress. Review our Invisalign® FAQs or call our office for more information.

Invisalign® Tips

Orthodontic treatment, whether with Invisalign® or braces, requires at-home care. With all types of braces — including clear aligners — patients must follow specific maintenance guidelines in order to help reduce the likelihood of orthodontic emergencies. Consider the following tips to properly care for your teeth aligners. For additional helpful tips and tricks for each stage of your treatment plan, contact us today.

Vary Removal Techniques

As alternatives to braces, Invisalign® trays provide patients with the opportunity to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile without having to undergo treatment with traditional metal braces. When you choose Invisalign® as an option for orthodontic treatment, you’ll quickly develop a routine, such as removing the trays the same way every time. But variety is the spice of life. Adjusting technique changes the stress point or place where you grip and helps prevent cracking or splitting.

Remove Trays Before Eating

Invisalign® trays are made from strong resin, but they aren’t strong enough to handle the pressure created by your teeth and mouth while eating. A lot of foods require an immense amount of pressure to thoroughly chew and, as a result, wearing Invisalign® teeth aligners while eating may likely result in the tray becoming broken or cracked. Be sure to remove your orthodontic trays prior to each meal — don’t forget to store them in the provided tray case!

Store Aligners In The Tray Case

One of the best ways to avoid losing Invisalign® aligners is a proper storage technique. Wrapping a tray in a napkin or tissue, even for a moment, is a common way in which our patients lose clear aligners and, thereafter, require replacement trays. Using the tray case to hold the aligners each time you remove them from your mouth can help ensure that the trays remain safe, avoid damage and help keep on-track your orthodontic treatment plan.

When To Contact The Gainesville Orthodontist

Dr. Mullally and the team at Studio32 Orthodontics have helped patients through all types of Invisalign® emergencies. Oftentimes, these situations are resolved with a quick phone call and visit to our office for prompt replacement of the damaged or misplaced Invisalign® tray. However, if you experience any of the following orthodontic emergencies, please contact our Gainesville orthodontist clinic immediately!

  • Trauma or injury to the teeth, face, or mouth
  • Infection, swelling, or bleeding of the gums, mouth, or face
  • Treatment-resistant irritation or pain of the gums, mouth, or face