What To Do If You Have a Broken Tray or Invisalign Emergency

It takes time to achieve a healthy smile with any Gainesville orthodontics, including Invisalign trays. So what do you do when an Invisalign emergency strikes? First, don’t worry. A cracked, broken, or lost tray isn’t really an emergency — though it may feel like one. Second, call Dr. Mullally and the team at Studio32 Orthodontics in Gainesville, FL. We’ll let you know how to get through the emergency while waiting for a replacement tray.

Invisalign Emergencies in Gainesville, FL

Cracked Invisalign Tray

You’ll have to be extra careful when removing a cracked tray from your teeth and mouth and when putting it back in. But unless a cracked Invisalign tray has split, you generally can continue wearing it until it’s time to switch trays.

Invisalign orthodontist Dr. Mullally may suggest using the next tray in your treatment plan if the crack occurred at least eight days into the tray cycle. Otherwise, you'll need to go back to the previous tray to maintain progress in the treatment plan. It usually takes a week or two to reorder and receive a new tray to our office.

Broken Invisalign Tray

The first thing to remember if you have a broken Invisalign tray is not to use superglue, household glue, or a non-toxic glue stick to put it back together. Even if the glue does hold the BPA-free tray together, odds are it’s toxic, and who wants a toxic substance in their mouth?

Lost Invisalign Tray

You'd be surprised how quickly an Invisalign tray can grow legs and walk off, leaving you scrambling to find it. If this happens, call your orthodontist in Gainesville, FL with Studio32 Orthodontics, Dr. Mullally. She'll let you know whether to use the previous tray or move ahead.

How To Care For Your Invisalign Tray

If you’ve been studiously rinsing and brushing your Invisalign trays as necessary, awesome job! Here are a few other ways to care for your Invisalign tray and ward off an Invisalign emergency.

Always Remove The Tray Before Eating

Your Invisalign trays are made from a strong resin, but they aren’t strong enough to handle the pressure created by your teeth and mouth while eating. A lot of foods need a deceptive amount of pressure to thoroughly chew.

Vary Your Removal Technique

When you choose Invisalign as an option for Gainesville orthodontics, you’ll quickly develop a routine, such as removing the trays the same way every time. But variety is the spice of life. Adjusting technique changes the stress point or place you grip helps prevent cracking or splitting.

Use The Tray Case

Always using the tray case is a great way to prevent losing a tray or having it damaged. And no, wrapping a tray in a napkin or tissue, even for a moment, doesn’t count as a tray case.

Orthodontist in Gainesville, FL

Dr. Mullally and the team at Studio32 Orthodontics have helped patients through all types of Invisalign emergencies. Often these situations are resolved with a quick phone call and stop by our office to pick up a replacement Invisalign tray. But it’s important to also call us immediately if you experience a true orthodontic emergency, such as:

  • Trauma or injury to your teeth, face, or mouth;
  • Infection, swelling, and/or bleeding of your gums, mouth, or face; and/or
  • Severe irritation or pain to these areas that doesn’t respond to treatment.

To learn more about Invisalign Gainesville, FL for kids and adults, contact Studio32 Orthodontics today!