No! While we LOVE our younger patients, about half of our patients are adults. There are no age restrictions on making beautiful smiles!

We recommend scheduling an orthodontic consultation any time after your child turns 7.

The cost varies depending on the type of treatment you need. The best way to determine cost will be to schedule a complimentary consultation. During this exam, you will meet with Dr. Mullally and Amber, our treatment coordinator, to determine a treatment plan. We will then present all financial information to you — including information on our monthly payment plan.

We accept most major insurance plans. You are welcome to call our office to speak with our insurance coordinator, Shea, regarding your specific plan. Please be prepared to provide the name of the insurance, the name and birthday of the policyholder, your member ID, and customer service phone number.

With Invisalign, insurance will still cover your orthodontic treatment but there may be additional lab fees to cover the cost of the Invisalign aligners.

In most cases, yes! The effectiveness of Invisalign depends on who designs it. Invisalign manufactures plastic aligners but an orthodontist will program the movement and forces placed on the teeth to make it work as needed and give you the best result.

The process of getting braces put on your teeth should not hurt! You may feel sore a couple of hours later, especially when eating a meal. If needed, an over the counter pain medication like Tylenol can be taken. Your teeth will adjust soon — we promise!

The wires are what level and align your teeth. Throughout treatment the size of the wire gets thicker or thinner depending on how we want your teeth to move. Oftentimes patients think that we are “tightening” their braces — really we are just changing the thickness of the wire!

Power chains are the elastic bands that stretch in a continuous line from one tooth to another. They add extra force to the teeth to move them together and close spaces, or to keep the teeth together as a unit when we are working on your bite.

If a bracket is loose or comes off, give us a call to determine your next step. Depending on where the bracket is, we will either fix it at your next appointment or schedule an appointment to see you earlier. If something is poking you, we suggest using wax or trying to clip the wire with a pair of fingernail clippers.

Of course, if you are ever in pain, we can see you the same day to make sure you are comfortable!

Prior to your cleaning, we will schedule a quick appointment for you to have your wires removed from your braces. Some dentists are willing to remove wires at their office to save you an extra trip — we are completely fine with this! We will then need to see you after your cleaning to have the wires replaced. Oftentimes we can coordinate this with your next regularly scheduled appointment at our office.

The life of a retainer really depends on the person! Some people can use their retainer for years without any problem! Retainers may need to be replaced more often if you grind your teeth at night, are rough with handling the retainer, or eat with it in your mouth.

We love to reward our patients for their efforts in treatment! On the day that you start treatment, we will give you a rewards card. You can earn points for things like wearing your Studio32 T-shirt to your appointment, having a cleaning with no cavities, or even making it to your appointment on time! You can redeem these points for gift cards online through our website. The gift cards will be mailed directly to your house.