Preparing Your Child For Braces

Many children consider braces to be a rite of passage and welcome orthodontic treatment with open arms, but others are a little more apprehensive. The team at Studio32 Orthodontics in Gainesville, FL, understands this completely. After all, having braces or Invisalign is a commitment, but it's one that is easy to make with support and guidance.

Explain Why Following The Rules Is Important

Having any type of orthodontics is a process that comes with many new rules. It’s understandable that a child may balk at the new rules, especially when they’re not allowed to eat a favorite food anymore. But, many parents discover explaining the reason behind a rule often results in cooperation. A way to frame the situation is to tell your child what a favorite food — such as a chewy or sticky snack — could do to their braces. The snack could lodge in the brackets or even break a wire, requiring an extra visit to the orthodontist in Gainesville, FL. What’s more, the few minutes it takes to eat the snack could ultimately add weeks or months to the initial length of treatment.

Stockpile Soft & Braces-Friendly Foods

There are many foods your child won’t be able to eat once they have braces. But even some braces-approved foods can cause discomfort to sensitive gums and teeth. Stockpiling braces-friendly foods, such as pasta, soup, and yogurt beforehand can help you avoid a last minute trip to the grocery store. Ask your child to join you in shopping for these foods and help decide what they’d like to eat! This is a way to drum up excitement for the new changes!

Brainstorm Questions To Ask Your Orthodontist

Encourage your child to think of questions they’d like to ask Dr. Mullally, their orthodontist. Common questions about braces include:

  • How long will I have braces?
  • What can I eat with braces?
  • Will my braces hurt?
  • Can I play sports with braces?
  • Why do I have to have braces?

Having your child ask questions and take part in the conversation about their oral health is a great way to build a foundation of good oral hygiene. Once they’re able to understand the reasons for orthodontic treatment, many children are excited to become actively involved. Children who are made part of the conversation have the opportunity to see how their actions and choices have a direct role in the final outcome of their oral health.

Keep A Positive Attitude

Many parents worry about how wearing braces will affect their child, along with how to pay for orthodontic treatment. The extra stress is understandable, but try to stay positive about the situation. Your child is likely a bit nervous about the upcoming experience and being supportive can calm their nerves. Studio32 Orthodontics doesn’t believe cost should be a deterrent to treatment. Our team works with every patient to create a financing plan that works for their budget and needs.

Focus On The Big Picture

With braces for kids, the duration of treatment can seem like an eternity to many children, but it’s necessary to focus on the big picture — a beautiful and healthy smile. Though the results are at your child’s fingertips, they aren’t instantaneous. If your child experiences a setback, such as an unexpected change at an appointment, remind them to focus on the big picture. One setback doesn’t necessarily mean everything has gone off track. Instead, the setback may just be a small detour.

Choose A Suitable Orthodontist In Gainesville

Finding an orthodontist with the right qualities — friendly, knowledgeable, easy to reach — makes all the difference when it comes to getting braces. At Studio32 Orthodontics, we strive to make every experience with orthodontics as stress-free as possible, especially for children! Dr. Mullally uses a personal approach to every patient and treatment plan, working with you and your child from start to finish. She has helped many children — and parents — through the orthodontic process and looks forward to helping your child achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Call Studio32 Orthodontics today!