Earn Points While Working On Your Smile

Smile Crew

Who likes doing a bunch of hard work for nothing? Homework, chores, babysitting your little brother — we know the feeling, so at Studio32, you'll be rewarded for all your hard work and good deeds. Keep your teeth clean? Points awarded! Arrive on time and on the right day (good job reminding Mom in time!)? Points Awarded! See your dentist and make the "No Cavities Club"? Double points! Charity events, community contributions, school awards, and of course being spotted wearing your Studio32 T-shirt? Points, points, and more points!

So, what's the point with all these points? Prizes! You can turn in all those hard-earned points for cool prizes. Big or small, we have it all. In addition to awesome prizes, you can also exchange points for a donation in your name to a local organization that you care about. Or maybe a pedicure for mom — just an idea. ;)

Kids Crew

So, you finally made it to seven and you're ready for your first orthodontic checkup. You're so busy daydreaming of what colors you're going to pick (maybe blue and purple, no pink and green, wait what did Sally have that looked so awesome ...) that your bubble bursts when you hear the doctor say, "He looks great for now, we'll just keep our eye on him until he's ready for treatment."

Well, you may not be ready for braces just yet, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun! You'll become a member of the Studio32 Kids Crew, starting with your very own membership card, and other super duper cool stuff. You can also earn points, like the big guys, in our reward program. You'll be cashing in points for prizes before your big sister even gets her braces off! Ha Ha