Say ‘No’ To DIY Straighteners

Popular DIY Straighteners Aren’t Worth The Risks

Ingenuity and a can-do attitude are great for many things in life; attempting to straighten your teeth isn’t one of them. While the internet is full of videos and techniques for DIY straighteners, these two methods are the most common the team at Studio32 Orthodontics have heard of.

Mail-Order Braces

Online shopping lets you have nearly anything you can imagine at your doorstep in a matter of days, including braces. Marketed as a significantly cheaper but still effective alternative to visiting with a qualified orthodontist in Gainesville, FL, mail order braces are modeled after Invisalign. Though these products require you to take impressions of your teeth and send them back to the company, having any truly effective orthodontia goes beyond a set of impressions.

Elastic Strings & Rubber Bands

These everyday items have been touted online as the cure-all for many tooth gaps. Except they frequently slide up your teeth and lodge in the gums. Once lodged, they constrict around the roots of your teeth, cutting off the blood flow. The result is a healthy — and permanent — tooth loosens and falls out.

Consequences Of DIY Braces

We live in a society of convenience, but when it comes to your smile — and overall health — it’s better to be patient and wait. Here are three of the biggest dangers of creating DIY braces.

More Expensive To Repair

The cost to repair the damage caused by a DIY method is often thousands of dollars more than what would have been spent on medically approved braces. Orthodontists such as Dr. Mullally spend 6 years to 7 years learning safe and effective ways to give you a healthy smile. They know exactly how your teeth, jaw, and bite work together. Yes, it can two years or sometimes longer to correct bite and dental issues with braces. But the entire treatment process is supervised and if any issues develop, they’re addressed and treated immediately — not after the fact.

Severe Infection

When Gainesville orthodontist Dr. Mullally examines your mouth and teeth, all equipment and tools are disinfected and sanitary for your safety. This includes any elastics she either puts on your braces or shows you how to. Putting any foreign object in your mouth, such as hair ties or fishing line, not created for oral use greatly increases the risk of an infection. Once your gums are damaged, they become a portal for many serious infections that will impact your entire body.

Tooth Loss

YouTube is home to millions of videos, including too many to count of people using a rubber band to close a gap between their two front teeth. While this approach might work for a select few people, any orthodontist in Gainesville, FL, knows there are far more who instead suffered the loss of the teeth they were trying to correct.

Visit Your Orthodontist For Braces Care

Cost is often a large factor in a patient’s decision whether to use Invisalign or another type of braces. Studio32 Orthodontics understands this concern. We want our patients to know we accept most insurance plans and offer flexible payment plans. At Studio32 Orthodontics, it’s our firm belief everyone deserves a healthy smile regardless of financial situation. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation!