Why Choose Studio32

We are genuinely committed to providing each patient with the best orthodontic treatment available. Dr. Mullally takes time to interview each patient and present her recommended treatments in detail so that our patients feel completely confident in their treatment from beginning to end. Dr. Mullally takes a conservative approach doing only the treatment that is necessary. We actively encourage good oral hygiene to make sure teeth stay healthy during orthodontic treatment and a true beautiful smile can be achieved.

Modern Technology With A Conservative Approach

We have a high-tech, fully digital office and take advantage of the latest developments in the field that are tested and proven to be effective, such as the Itero Element digital scanner and Propel Accelerated Treatment. We want to maximize your results and comfort with the minimum amount of hardware and in the minimum amount of time.

A Doctor Who REALLY Cares

There is only one doctor at this office. She will see you at every visit. She will answer every question. She will patiently listen to all of your concerns and she will love to hear your stories.

Dr. Mullally is known to laugh with her patients daily, be silly, even shed a tear or two (boy, that is embarrassing!) all because she truly cares about her patients and enjoys their time in the office. Our patients even have her cell phone number in case of emergency!

Fun and Friendly Office

At Studio32, patients are No. 1. Our office has been designed to provide our patients a fun and relaxing environment. We have a kids area for entertaining the little ones and a games area for patients while they wait. Patients can take part in our Rewards Program to earn awesome prizes during treatment, and our Kids Crew keeps our youngest members excited about their dental health and actively looking forward to their time in braces. Our office has ongoing contests and events for everyone!

We Straighten Teeth YOUR way

With choices ranging from Invisalign clear aligners to clear braces, metal braces, gold braces and even Gator braces (chomp, chomp) we’ve got something that suits your taste and your lifestyle. We are also flexible with our treatment plans. Let’s talk about your concerns and we’ll tailor a treatment plan to meet them. We want each patient to feel completely confident in their treatment from beginning to end.

Affordable Care

We firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. Everyone should have access to the best care available whatever their financial situation. We accept most insurance plans; keep low, competitive prices on our treatments; and offer flexible, no-interest payment plans. We will work to find a financial arrangement that doesn’t break our patients' wallets.