Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Get Braces

When is the right time to get dental braces? A number of different factors — which range from family finances to student schedules — can influence the time in which children and adults alike begin treatment with braces in Gainesville, FL. If you’re wondering about the ideal time for braces, you might consider taking advantage of the benefits commonly associated with the summertime. For more information about what to expect or to schedule a consultation for braces or Invisalign®, contact our orthodontics office today.

Time To Adjust

Teenagers and children who have crooked teeth may feel self conscious about their smiles. While braces for teens and kids can help correct a crooked alignment or an uneven smile, initial braces application requires a period of adjustment. As with a change in visual appearance, orthodontic treatment also typically requires physical adjustments — your child or teen’s mouth may feel sore and tender in the first few weeks of treatment, as the mouth and teeth acclimate to the orthodontic appliances. Making an appointment with the Gainesville orthodontist during summer allows more free-time out of class for teens and kids to fully acclimate to and become comfortable with their new braces.

Fewer Responsibilities

Unless your child plans to attend summer school or go off to summer camp, they will probably have far fewer responsibilities than they would during the school year — there won’t be any homework to complete or class projects to worry about. Getting braces for children over the summer break means that any discomfort from the initial braces application can promptly be dealt with and soothed at home without having to worry about school-related requirements. What’s more, getting braces in the summer means that kids will be able to complete the first few months of treatment before the slew of school-related responsibilities start up again.

Greater Appointment Availability

Another reason to get braces during summer is the potential for greater appointment availability. Initial braces application occurs within multiple appointments and with time to spare during the summer break, it may be simpler — both for you and the orthodontist — to match-up schedules and make the transition to orthodontic treatment. While some schools and employers may be accommodating when it comes to taking time off to go to the orthodontist, missing significant portions of class or work can make difficult the process of getting and getting used to braces. And because the orthodontist’s office is generally less busy during the summer than other months throughout the year, getting braces for adults can offer greater options for making appointments that best accommodate your work schedule and other requirements.

Easier To Create A Hygiene Routine

There are a number of different types of braces available to patients (based on their unique needs for oral health and orthodontic treatment). Each type of orthodontic appliance requires a patient to perform a specific routine to properly maintain the appliance and to help facilitate proper treatment. When kids and teens are tired after a long day of school, extracurricular activities, and homework, they may not have the motivation to adequately care for their teeth and braces. The school-free days of summer offer more free time to brush, floss, and care for teeth, gums, and braces at least twice per day. While learning how to care for your teeth and braces can at-first be challenging for some individuals, creating and sticking to a specific oral health routine can improve the function of the braces, ensure orthodontic treatment is on-track, and promote a healthier and cleaner overall lifestyle. For tips on easy oral hygiene with braces or to schedule an appointment for getting braces over the summer, contact us today!