5 Summertime Oral Hygiene Must-Haves

Maintaining your orthodontic treatment plan during the summer doesn’t have to be a hassle. By keeping orthodontic products on-hand you can easily enjoy your favorite activities — while keeping your mouth in optimal health. Studio32 Orthodontics is dedicated to providing patients with the best treatment possible. Which is why our orthodontist in Gainesville wants to share the top products that you should keep with you this summer to keep your orthodontics and teeth in optimal condition.

1. Floss Picks

It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard of the handy, portable and effective tool known as a floss pick. This tool is easily maneuvered between brackets and over wires to break loose food debris. For orthodontics, typical floss won’t do the trick which is why this item lands on our top five must-haves. Floss picks are sold in resealable, zip-close pouches which means they can easily be tossed into your beach bag before your weekend trip.

2. Disposable Mini Toothbrush

With summertime comes delicious food! Who can refuse a kabob right off the grill or an ice cream cone on a hot day. As a braces- or Invisalign-wearer, feel free to indulge but remember to brush afterwards. A disposable miniature toothbrush allows you to easily clean your braces and teeth with the peace of mind that your toothbrush is always sterile and available. As with the other items on our list, this travels well in your bag, car or suitcase!

3. Orthodontic Wax

Let orthodontic wax be your hero! Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that your braces won’t need to be tightened and adjusted at monthly appointments. For many patients, a level of discomfort occurs after an orthodontic appointment due to irritation to gums, cheeks, and lips which is caused by newly adjusted wires and brackets. Apply this clear wax (made of medical-grade paraffin) to easily coat brackets, wires, and other equipment. The areas are smoothed by the layers of wax which alleviates mouth pain so you can get back to enjoying your day. If you notice a long or sharp wire, it’s best to schedule a Gainesville orthodontist appointment so that we can examine your braces and correct any issues.

4. Sports Mouthguard

Whether you’re playing a game of beach volleyball or frisbee golf at the park, protecting your orthodontics is essential. A sports mouthguard can quickly slide over your braces to ensure protection. Not only could a hit to the mouth cause serious orthodontic damage, but it could also damage your teeth, causing pain and placing a damper on your summer plans. Mouthguards are made of medical-grade silicone and are specially designed for the comfort of users. When picking out a mouthguard make sure it is designed for braces; for example, look for labels that include Ortho-Channel technology. Store your mouthguard in a secure case for sanitary and portability purposes.

5. Oral Hygiene Travel Kit

This final must-have item doubles as a storage case and a hygiene kit. Whether you purchase an actual kit or simply a portable storage case you can keep with you this summer, ensure it is packed with the necessities. If you have braces, make sure your kit has the following:

  • Disposable mini toothbrush
  • Orthodontic wax
  • Floss picks
  • Sports mouthguard (if applicable)
  • Mouthwash

For our patients with Invisalign, consider adding cleansing spray, towelettes and a carrying case for your Invisalign trays. Having all of your essentials in a sanitary, portable case will ensure that your summertime oral care upkeep is a breeze!