4 Tips To Take Summer Photos With Braces

Achieving the ideal photo to capture your summertime adventures is a goal for many people. Smiling alongside family or friends and feeling confident about your smile is something we want every patient of Studio32 Orthodontics to feel. Below is four tips for taking awesome summer photos, whether or not you wear braces! To learn more about our Gainesville orthodontics, schedule an appointment!

1. Get Your Smile Ready

Take a quick glance in the mirror to make sure there’s no sneaky food debris lingering in your braces or Invisalign® trays. It’s best to get into the habit of visiting the restroom after meals to clean your orthodontics after eating. Making the conscious choice to tend to your mouth after eating will further your oral hygiene and make sure you’re photo-op ready. It’s summer after all, and who knows when it’ll be time for a photo!

2. Take Advantage Of The Outdoors

Utilize your phone or camera settings to disable the flash so it doesn’t reflect off your braces and affect the photo. You may also try taking photos outside as the natural light can be extremely complimentary. Not to mention you’ll capture the natural beauty of summertime!

3. Practice Your Smile 

If you’re new to braces or unsure of how your smile will look, just practice! Take some time to look in the mirror (maybe after you’ve cleaned your orthodontics) and practice your glorious grin! Some patients may prefer to smile with their braces showing while others don’t. Just make sure your smile is natural — you’ll feel the best with a relaxed, happy grin!

4. Be Confident!

Confidence is key! Love your braces and smile. If you feel self-conscious about your braces, just remember, your braces are an outer reflection that you value your oral health and self-image! Keep in mind that your confidence will be reflected in your photos, also. Overall, the team with Studio32 Orthodontics wants you to feel confident and happy with your braces so every summertime photo is great. This is why we are proud to offer many types of braces, so every patient can find the orthodontics that fills them with the highest amount of confidence. To learn more, schedule an appointment.