5 Things You Should Do Before Getting Braces

Getting braces isn’t a small feat — it is a process that requires time, money and dedication. Our Gainesville orthodontist recommends completing five things prior to your big day — and we’re here to share! Rest assured, the team at Studio32 Orthodontics guarantees that all of your hard work will pay off when your braces are removed and your healthy, beautiful smile is revealed!

1. Create A Budget

Let’s face the facts — braces aren’t cheap! They can be affordable, though, and what better investment than one that directly improves your health. Knowing the exact braces cost is difficult to estimate as every patient’s unique dental health and subsequent treatment plan will vary. But our team is dedicated to providing patients with affordable braces, so Dr. Mullally determines the treatment cost prior to initial treatment. For orthodontics financing, Studio32 Orthodontics offers flexible payment plans and accepts many insurance carriers. Budgeting is much more effective with an actual treatment cost and full understanding of payment options!

2. Take Pictures

Before and after pictures of your smile are a must! Capture your smile before you get braces so that once your braces are removed, you can see how much your smile has truly changed. Even if you do not typically smile with your teeth showing, make an exception and give a full grin. You can even be featured in our studio using your gorgeous before and after photos!

3. Purchase Supplies

We recommend gathering the necessities before getting braces. Consider important details such as meals, managing discomfort, and at-home orthodontic care. Remember, items like traditional floss will no longer do the job so it’s necessary to grab floss threaders or a Waterpik. For post-braces meals, consider preparing or purchasing soft-textured foods like soup, applesauce, ice cream, etc. To manage pain or discomfort, ensure you have pain relief medication and ice packs at home.

4. Schedule A Teeth Cleaning Appointment

As you approach the date of your first appointment, our orthodontist in Gainesville, FL suggests scheduling a dental cleaning. A thorough cleaning removes any plaque build-up as plaque becomes more difficult to remove once your braces are put on. Unmanaged plaque can result in tiny white spots on the teeth, known as white spot lesions. These stubborn white spots are indicative of decalcification and hard mineral loss that is caused by plaque. Therefore, to begin your orthodontic journey on a healthy note, schedule a cleaning with your dentist before getting braces.  

5. Pick A Trusted Orthodontist

For a healthy, radiant smile choose Dr. Mullally as your orthodontist. With a dedication to excellent, affordable care that is provided through a conservative approach — Studio32 Orthodontics is everything you need. So as your final to-do, visit our orthodontist office for your braces!