3 Tips For Enjoying Your Favorite Summer Foods

It’s summertime and we can smell the grill already! For many people, summer means a new menu of delicious food is being served up. Rest assured that you can still revel in the goodness of an ooey-gooey, delectable S’mores even if you have orthodontics. All our orthodontist in Gainesville asks, is that you implement these three tips (and regular post-meal brushing) to keep your treatment on track while you eat the best foods that summertime has to offer you.

1. Cut Up Your Food

This easy tip may require a smidge of pre-planning, but we promise it’s worth it. Check with the host of the BBQ you’re attending to see if cutlery will be provided. If not, simply and safely pack your own cutlery to bring along. The ability to cut your food allows you to indulge in a hot, buttery, fresh-off-the-grill ear of corn. Just stand ear vertically and carefully slide a knife down the cob to release the sweet kernels. Other foods such as chicken legs, hot dogs and ribs can be easily cut off the bone and into bite-size pieces, which places less stress on your braces and brackets.

2. Eat Slowly & Chew Carefully

Our Gainesville orthodontist recommends this tip as it lessens the chance that food will be lodged in braces or that a bracket will be damaged. Lucky for you, as you prepare to eat your mile-high hamburger that’s loaded with toppings, you get to savor each bite. This goes for all foods — you don’t have to turn down your favorite treats, just eat and chew slowly. Also, remember to clean your teeth once you’ve finished eating to remove any lingering food particles. Food that is trapped in orthodontics can lead to cavities or braces damage.

3. Manage Discomfort & Sensitivity

After attending your orthodontist appointments, you may experience pain, discomfort or tooth sensitivity. Manage these short-term side effects with pain relief medication or take this experience and use it to discover soft, braces-friendly summertime dishes. Teeth sensitivity and pain don’t have to damper your weekend camping trip — whip up a pasta salad to eat with grilled hot dogs. Both foods are soft and easy on the braces — just make sure to cut your hot dog up if need be. Keep in mind that any pain or sensitivity associated with a recent orthodontic adjustment is temporary. But if you experience prolonged discomfort, call our Gainesville office to schedule an orthodontic appointment. With the use of our three tips and routine brushing after meals, you are free to enjoy your favorite summertime foods and treats!